Image Countertops, The Mix, Forming, Colouring and Sealing

The Mix

Image Countertops Concrete Mix is a refined combination of sand, cement and our own special ingredients that have given Image's pre-cast concrete its unique quality and exceptional success rate. Unlike any other mix, this recipe is specifically designed to be malleable, smooth, colourable, dense and very strong, combining the durability of concrete with the fine surface required for interior design.

Our Mix has been developed by experienced concrete professionals who understand concrete. We produce a professional grade mix that includes limestone rock and well graded aggregates that make for easy finishing, minimal shrinkage and exceptional strength (excess of 8,000 psi at 28 days).

Whether you prefer pre cast or the cast-in-place method, Image Concrete Countertop Mix, with its low water requirement, is ideal for both methods. Our easy to handle 25 kilogram bags are ideal for portable mixers, which allows countertops to be done with out the worry of "How are we going to get the concrete in here."


Image Counter is usually placed 1.5" to 2" thick. The weight of concrete at 2" thick is 25 lbs. per square foot which is easily supported by standard cabinets. No additional bracing is necessary. Most contractors use plywood to form the decks.

Forming Countertops

Countertop projects that include cantilevered sections, like a breakfast counter or a table require temporary forming and bracing. Once the concrete has reached sufficient strength to be self-supporting the forms may be removed. The longer the distance the more important it is that the concrete cure and gain strength. Image Countertop mix gains strength rapidly, but still allow 4 to 7 days depending upon ambient conditions and the cantilevered distance before stripping the cantilever forms and shoring. A rule of thumb is that you may cantilever half the supported distance. For example, if the countertop depth supported by the cabinets is 24" you could cantilever 12" out. Any type of edge form works well with Image Counter. The most common edge forms are single use Styrofoam forms.

Colouring and Sealing

Since Image Countertop is concrete it allows the contractors to colour concrete just like they are colouring a slab. Image Concrete Countertops can be integrally coloured or stained beautifully with both water-borne and acid.

When it comes to sealing concrete countertops contractors have more options than traditional flat work. 100% Epoxy gives a heavy build durable surface. Polishing and food grade beeswax offers durability as well as the natural look of polished stone.

To learn more about concrete countertop colouring techniques plus advanced creative effects for countertops, enrol in an intensive hands-on countertop class with us. Click here to apply.

Coluring and Sealing Countertops